Fishing licenses in Croatia online

Permesso di pesca in Croazia on line is a leading site for buying annual or daily licenses for sports fishing and recreational fishing in Croatia.

With the licenses, you can easily go to sport fishing in every corner of the beautiful Croatia coast and islands.

Sports and fishing licenses are not valid in national or nature parks.

When ordering a license it is important to book one of the two types of fishing licenses:
– sports fishing or
– recreational fishing.

Fishing with a spear gun is allowed exclusively in sports fishing.
Recreational fishing is not allowed to use a speargun.

Trough the Ministry (fisheries administration) only recreational fishing licenses are issued with which no speargun is allowed.

We issue fishing licenses immediately within 2 – 12 hours after reciving your order. We are not responsible for issuing licenses for the same day.

Your fishing license will be sent to you on your e-mail address.

Spear fishing
No spearfishing
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The Club of underwater activity SUB is a licensed distributor license for sport fishing on the sea in Croatia. All the members we would like to inform that from now on it is possible to buy a fishing license in Croatia. In accordance with the regulations of fishing in Croatia, every citizen of Europe and the world can buy a fishing license in the Republic of Croatia, so you can become our member. If you buy a fishing license that contains our membership and you become our member. Via our website, you can order a license for fishing or online to buy a license for fishing in the sea in Croatia.

How to buy a license for fishing in just a few clicks? – the following link HERE.

After your successful activation, providing data and paying your license for fishing we will be sent to you on your e-mail address.